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The staff of Seven Trails Business Plan Guides is led by Managing Director, Fred Harding. His Company, Harding Business Consultants,  has provided management-consulting services and/or served on the Board of Directors for companies based throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim.  It has assisted startups as well as mature multi-million-dollar businesses in the development of strategic plans, marketing plans, and financial plans and authored over 400 customized business plans.

The Companies assisted served a broad spectrum of business, including Internet-based ventures, manufacturing, service, real estate, retail, wholesale, agriculture, and franchisors.

Recent Projects

Among his recent projects was serving as CFO of Gillinder Glass, a manufacturer of glass covers, lenses, and domes in various colors and shapes for lighting for industrial, commercial, landscape, theatrical, aircraft, and airfield industries. Gillinder is acknowledged to be the largest provider of airfield lighting glass in the world. His role with Gillinder was to find a Private Equity firm to acquire the company – which was accomplished.

Following that, his next project was to set up a new, totally robotic manufacturing company for an existing distribution company and serve as CEO of the distribution company during the manufacturing startup phase. The manufacturing company is now up and running.

A Strong Foundation

His business background also included service as CEO (and owner) of Wilder Manufacturing Company, Inc. and CEO of Mastermatic, Inc.  During his tenure, Wilder experienced a 200% growth rate and Mastermatic grew from a startup to one of the largest conveyor ovens in the world.

He also served for five years as a Director of a Regional Development Center, interacting with numerous State and Federal elected officials and overseeing a team of Certified Business Advisors who arranged $180,000,000 in financing for clients.

Early Career

Earlier in his career, he served as a Company Officer of a major insurance company, owned and/or managed several retail and service businesses, and held elected offices. He is a Vietnam Era Veteran and holds a BA and an MBA from Rutgers University.

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