Paul Deninno, Bashakill Vineyards

“When I was searching for funding to improve equipment for my vineyard and wine production business, I asked Fred Harding (Managing Director of Seven Trails Business Guides) to look at my business plan. He re-cast the financials to take into account seasonality and tweaked a few other items to make a more compelling story for

C. Chudakoff

“I just wanted to tell you that it was a wonderful experience to have worked with you. You display the qualities of a true professional. Your work ethics and values are impeccable. I am very glad that you were chosen to work on WritingRoom’s business plan. I will look forward to an opportunity to work

S. Lipman

“I need to thank you for preparing one of the best Business Plans I have ever seen. I was making a presentation using your plan. One of the people in the meeting was a professor at UCLA. He said it was the best plan he had seen in years and asked if he could use

G. Gorin

Fred, this is my product (Gran-Tex) in Moscow. Thanks to your professional Business Plan. I’ve just signed a contract for 5 million .sq. ft. of product in Russia. In addition to covering the façade of buildings, as it will be used in Russia, since it protects concrete from corrosion it is very suitable for covering bridges

D. Brackett

“Several words paint a backdrop of this man’s business career: professional, experience, integrity. His professional skills and consulting experience cover not-for-profit to for-profit, from small business startups to international negotiations. His extraordinary business insight and perception became clear to me while searching for a consultant to help draft a new complex not-for-profit / for-profit Hybrid